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Introducing Lumix PRO Services

LPS is designed to support LUMIX users at every level, providing access to our extended 3 year warranty program and serving as a gateway for authorized camera and lens repair. The LPS program also provides members with exclusive promotions and opportunities to provide direct feedback on our products.

There are two levels of LUMIX Pro Services (LPS) in the US.

LPS Red is a FREE program for non-professional photographers and videographers using LUMIX gear.

LPS Platinum is a paid program designed for professional photographers, filmmakers and cinematographers, offering prioritized support, expedited delivery and repairs, special discounts, exclusive phone support and more. Our goal is to provide everything you count on to operate and grow a successful business with Lumix.

Please note, LPS is the only authorized repair program for LUMIX gear in the US.


Product Warranty
3 Year Extended Warranty6
3 Year Extended Warranty6
Exclusive Member Hotline
9:00am-5:00pm EST, Monday-Friday
Service Turnaround
3-5 Business Days4
2 Business Days1
Service Shipping
Free Next Day shipping, both ways2
Repair Discount
20% off out-of-warranty repairs
Free Sensor or EVF Clean, Lens Calibration, Firmware Update
Up to 2 shipments per year, up to 2 bodies and 2 lenses per shipment
Repair Loaner
For Repairs requiring more than 7 business days3
For Repairs requiring more than 2 business days3
Premium Welcome Kit
Premium Membership card & gift5
Annual Membership Fee
$ 199 (USD)
1If parts availability requires more time for repair, loaner will be provided. 2 Unless otherwise specified, within the contiguous United States. 3 Based on availability. 4Average turnaround time, actual may vary based on repair complexity and part availability. 5 For new Platinum members only. 6 3 year warranty is available for LUMIX cameras and lenses purchased new (unused) from an authorized US dealer. Serial and proof of purchase will be checked at the time of service to confirm warranty status.
The following are the ownership prerequisites for membership.
Gear needs to have been purchased from an authorized US dealer.?
Limited Time Eligibility Offer!:

Standard Requirement:

Limited Time Eligibility Offer!:

Standard Requirement:


Get a peak behind-the-scenes (thanks to Lumix Global Ambassador, William Innes)

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I previously signed up for LPS but now I can’t log in?

You likely need to set up your password for the first time. On the log-in screen, make sure to click “Create My Password” below the log-in credentials to set up a password.

Can I be a member of LPS if I own a point and shoot camera?

Yes, any Lumix camera or lens qualifies you for LPS membership.

Do I need to be an LPS member to get my 3 year warranty extension?

Every LUMIX camera and lens purchased new from an authorized US dealer is eligible for an extended 3 year warranty. In order to register your product, store your proof of purchase and serial, keep track of your warranty dates and process service and repairs, you will need to sign up for LPS.

Do I need to sign up for marketing to be an LPS member?

No, you can choose to opt out of marketing and only receive messages around service. You can also unsubscribe from LUMIX email at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. Panasonic will never share your information with any other company – you can read our full privacy policy here.

What happens to my Platinum membership at the end of the year?

Your Platinum membership will renew each year automatically unless a new credit card is required. We will email you ahead of time to remind you of your renewal and offer you the opportunity to cancel. You can also log into your account to cancel your renewal at any time.

Can I sign up for a Red membership and then upgrade to Platinum later?

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for Platinum membership, you will see an option in your account to upgrade.

I live in Canada. Can I still sign up for LPS?

Yes, you can sign up for LPS in order to keep track of your gear and submit repair or maintenance requests. Please note, though that the 3-year extended warranty program is a US-only program and Canadian repairs are handled by an individual authorized repair center in Canada.